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Fresh start

I did it ! I finally got rid of my old smelly blog. Turn to the future instead of the past, get a new start. So, why am I writing this in english event though I’m french ? Well, I decided, with this new blog, to concentrate more on my passion for code and less on what’s making me who I am. Since I think that my codes or hints should be widely accessible, I decided to stop french-only jokes and go for english only. I may change my mind in the (near) future and start posting stuff in both languages. Be warned.

WordPress ? Really ?

Yes. I’m a developer and I don’t have time to start everything from scratch and do my own blog engine. I used to think that I could take some time to do just that; But today I realized that my website has been “under construction” for 4 years ! So i put an end to it and used this amazing responsive theme. Anyways, I hope this blog is giving you what you wanted. Remember to never be shy and to tell me anything 😉 Enjoy as much as possible. (This will replace my main website, be kind and give me some days to make it work like a charm, thanks.)

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