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Handle json_decode() errors

  • October 18, 2012
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When you use the json_encode() function to parse a JSON file using PHP, do not expect to handle any Exception or to get any information if the parsing failed. In order to handle errors, you will have to call json_last_error() if the result of json_encode() is NULL. NULL means that the data could not be […]

Transactions with MySQL

While trying to rollback transactions on a MySQL database today I’ve been experiencing some weird, unexpected issues. Inserted data was still inserted in some of my tables but not in other tables. SQL Transactions : START TRANSACTION; INSERT …. // insert some data UPDATE …. // update some data COMMIT; // all the data is […]

I’m a Certified Titanium App Developer

I’ve been working on iOS and Android apps for a year now. So I decided to take my coding to the next step and become a certified developer. I took the online exam totally unprepared , “just to see” what was it all about. And I passed it ! 77/100 is not such a good […]

Fresh start

I did it ! I finally got rid of my old smelly blog. Turn to the future instead of the past, get a new start. So, why am I writing this in english event though I’m french ? Well, I decided, with this new blog, to concentrate more on my passion for code and less […]